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Hog roast party Menu in kent Can Include:

Paella, Salads, New Potatoes, Cous Cous, Veggie Option, Water Melon

Also we supply: Disposable plates, cutlery, napkins



One of the more traditional (and still favoured by many people for its quality) methods that used to be used to cook a large quantity of meat is hog roasting. Hog roasting usually involves the barbecuing and grilling of a whole pig or lamb, on occasions where a large amount of meat is needed for a lot of people. This traditional way of cooking meat is known to have gone back many hundreds of years in the past, but may have even gone further. 


Founded by Mike Craig and his wife, the Hogfather is a specialist hog roast provider, and has created a superb menu which uses several different meats (pig, chicken and lamb) on its spits. The Hogfather take the qualities of a Mediterranean  food with paella, cous cous and watermelon being just one of the additional side orders that can come with the Hogfather’s hog roast meals. All food that the Hogfather cooks and uses is grown free-range.


The Hogfather’s specialist hog roast can cater for a huge variety of events in Kent, from small parties for groups families and friends, to large corporate high profile events. The Hogfather is always successful in providing quality food from a hog roast in Kent. Its client list includes the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Kensington palace, Mercedes Benz and many other celebrities and royals, so it really is without doubt that our hog roasts never fail to impress.


If you’d like to find out more about the hog roasts offered by the Hogfather in Kent, contact us on 07940 507 570The Hogfather will make you a quote you cant refuse.

Hog Roast in Kent