a Hog roast can include:

Paella, Salads, New Potatoes, Cous Cous, Veggie Option, Water Melon

Also we supply: Disposable plates (can use china plates - call for more information), cutlery, napkins

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What is a hog roast? A hog roast is a centrepiece. A hog roast is an experience. A hog roast is an event made memorable. Less poetically, a hog roast is in essence what it sounds, a succulent hog roasting on a spit over a pit of burning coals. On the other hand it is also so much more. Our professional team of caterers, honing years of experience, do not just provide expertly crafted hog roast meals, they also provide you and your guests an experience that they will not soon regret.

​Slavered with a choice of sauces, marinades and toppings, our roasting pigs are almost certain to make you and your party a talking point for months to come. The very sight of one alone is certainly going to impress.
The Hogfather is proud to have offered our iconic services to a broad range of events and gatherings, including weddings and birthday parties. We’ve also had the honour of servicing the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, Ascot and Formula One races, and a host of other events across the United Kingdom. We’ve even served lamb in Istanbul!
With such a broad range of experience we’re certainly able to help you throw quite the shindig. There’s very little you’ll need to do. Everything from the set up to the final clearing is handled entirely by our team. You don’t even need to worry about the mess, we’ll handle all that for you. Further we’re able to provide all the cutlery and plates you’ll need, just to help you save on the washing up.
But what if hog roast isn’t your thing? Not to worry there, either. The Hogfather also offers a broad range of alternatives, including vegetarian and kosher/halal dishes for the discerning organiser. Our name is not restrictive, we’re able and happy to accommodate a very broad range of tastes and preferences, in order to better provide the experience you desire. We are also able to provide a wide selection of sides, including couscous, watermelon and paella.
So why not give The Hogfather a try? Doing so is guaranteed to make your party an event to remember, and the sight of a fully grown hog roasting gently over a fire is sure to make mouths water.
​ Whether for business or pleasure, give us a call on 07940 507 570 and we’ll give you a quote and a hog roast you’d be hard-pressed to refuse.

What is a Hog Roast?